Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Day Has Come And Gone

STILL NOTHING! The count down to the 9th begins... fingers crossed. I really must pack my hospital bag though just in case! We have an appointment with the Ob tomorrow so we'll see if anything has progressed. I have noticed a lot of goop which I'm thinking might be the mucus plug! Here is an updated photo!
Ahhhh I'm huge!

We didn't do an awful lot today. Boogie played with the magnet game and jigsaw his early ed officer left him for quite some time. He asked to play with playdoh but strangely enough it didn't hold his attention for long. I was a grumpy old mama today and Boogie was just rubbing me the wrong way all day. Sometimes we just have days like that- I presume everyone does.

I did cover the baby wipes container with material as done on this great little site with all sorts of awesome DIY baby gear ideas. Mine doesn't look as good as hers but oh well what can you do.
I also cut the bamboo sticks for the bubble wands I'm making as part of the kids Christmas presents. The inspiration came from this blog.
So I have started the bean bags, the jugging balls and bubble wands.

I also plan on making tin can stilts, stenciled t-shirts, ribbon rings, gak, bubble mix, felt crayon rolls, memory cards and ribbon hair clips for the girls. For the parents we are also purchasing family zoo passes.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still No Babe

Its my big sisters birthday tomorrow. My baby is also due tomorrow. We went out to for a celebrationary lunch and I ate three whole jalapeno peppers as I have read the old wives tale that it spicy food helps bring on labour. After work the other half and I did the deed as per another old wives tale but alas... nothing! I'm not allowed to get mad until tomorrow, I know- but its hard! If he hasn't arrived of his own accord by the 9th of September then he is going to be delivered via Cesarean, which I'm trying to avoid. So COME ON little fella!!!

By the way I'm much bigger then this now... this photo was taken a couple of months ago. I really must take some new ones!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Thrift Store Friday

I had a Boogie free day today (he was at daycare) plus I had the car so I did all the groceries and hit the op shops.
Boy did i hit the op shops! I bought a frame to make a Montessori practical life dressing frame plus some clothes for them. It worked out cheaper to get two extra pieces of kids clothes so I got a onesie for bub number two (I shouldn't have- we have so much already!) and a top for my niece. Later I also found a cute pair of jeans for my niece too (she is constantly outgrowing them!). I also got a summer dress and a button up shirt (breastfeeding friendly) for myself and a cloth nappy for bub. All this for $20.50.

Now all i have is make turn the three frames I've collected into dressing frames.

Meanwhile we have one more day until bub is due- come on bubba make your entrance already we want to meet you!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Washing dishes- he asked to do it!

This is a Montessori practical life activity I have read about on several occasions and have sort of wanted to try with the Boogie. I say sort of because our previous adventures at the sink turned in to a lets turn the tap on as hard as it goes, waste lots of water, flood the kitchen and then do a poo on the counter (him not me, I promise!). This obviously turned me off sink time. This was a long time ago now I must admit.

So how did it happen? I had started the dishes and he was clearing the table, when he finished the table he said "I wash dishes?" To which I replied "You want to wash the dishes?" "Yeah."

So we got a chair, he stood next to the sink with me next to him and he washed all the cutlery and each time he reached in he'd say "What have we got in here- oh its a spoon! (or knife or fork)." He washed a pot, a bread board and a few other things before he got bored. I must say i was pretty impressed and I think I might do this with him more often.

We also planned tomato seeds in egg cartons so hopefully in a few weeks I will have some sprouts to post about and hopefully we wont be buying tomatoes this summer. Oh and we also planted pumpkin seeds in the garden so fingers crossed. I also want to plant zucchini, lettuce, potatoes and sweet potatoes. I just have to remember to actually water them!

Boogies early education officer came for a visit and we played with a cool magnet game she brought. We also played snap, a jigsaw and a lacing card. He struggled with the concept of Snap a bit (he was very tired). After she left the big boy and the little boy both fell asleep for an hour before I woke them up. I am amazed that the boogie is already asleep now- I guess head colds are good for something!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well I have finally done it! I have been thinking about beginning my own blog for a few months now but it actually seems a little daunting- all these technical bits and pieces that I don't understand. I have recently become very interested in reading blogs and I really like the way a blog will enable me to journal my days with my boys (without all the random pieces of paper) for my long term memory and enjoyment!