Thursday, August 28, 2008

Washing dishes- he asked to do it!

This is a Montessori practical life activity I have read about on several occasions and have sort of wanted to try with the Boogie. I say sort of because our previous adventures at the sink turned in to a lets turn the tap on as hard as it goes, waste lots of water, flood the kitchen and then do a poo on the counter (him not me, I promise!). This obviously turned me off sink time. This was a long time ago now I must admit.

So how did it happen? I had started the dishes and he was clearing the table, when he finished the table he said "I wash dishes?" To which I replied "You want to wash the dishes?" "Yeah."

So we got a chair, he stood next to the sink with me next to him and he washed all the cutlery and each time he reached in he'd say "What have we got in here- oh its a spoon! (or knife or fork)." He washed a pot, a bread board and a few other things before he got bored. I must say i was pretty impressed and I think I might do this with him more often.

We also planned tomato seeds in egg cartons so hopefully in a few weeks I will have some sprouts to post about and hopefully we wont be buying tomatoes this summer. Oh and we also planted pumpkin seeds in the garden so fingers crossed. I also want to plant zucchini, lettuce, potatoes and sweet potatoes. I just have to remember to actually water them!

Boogies early education officer came for a visit and we played with a cool magnet game she brought. We also played snap, a jigsaw and a lacing card. He struggled with the concept of Snap a bit (he was very tired). After she left the big boy and the little boy both fell asleep for an hour before I woke them up. I am amazed that the boogie is already asleep now- I guess head colds are good for something!

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