Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

It's funny- I remember I used to get grumpy if my favorite bloggers hadn't written a post in more than 24 hours.
Now I realise how hard it can be!

So in an effort to combine housework and blogging I decided to take part in Tackle It Tuesday! I swear it was the only thing that kept me going.

Before- my mountain of washing

After- my bed returns

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pimp My Nappies

We have been copping a lot of attitude from The Boogie lately. What I've come to realise is that he is simply mirroring us and our tone so I decided that today would be a yelling free day. We didn't do to badly either! We must keep it up but it is hard to be patient, gentle and loving when your tired! It's sure going to be fun when Ash goes back to work!

To start the day Ash got The Boogie his cereal and crawled back into bed. Half an hour later no cereal had been eaten but it did have Nandos hot sauce in it! Yum!

We slowly got our act together this morning and went to the shops. I bought t-shirts to decorate for the kids Christmas presents (good special!), three packs of dye and some elastic bands.

After lunch we got on to pimping those boring white terry nappies we got off freecycle! We also did all the plain singlets too!

On the subject of nappies Almost Frugal is having an awesome giveaway which I would love to get my paws on! She is giving away her daughters outgrown TotsBots nappies and a wet bag from Babycat Goods. We could definely do with some more modern cloth (though our terries do look awesome!). We are yet to get a wet bag and are just using plastic bags at the moment so to win this would be awesome!

Lucas also did some chalk drawings- check out his Kookaburra

Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting Into The Swing Of Things

I haven't written anything for a week! I guess I have a good excuse though :-)

Last night The Boogie came to my bed to kiss me good night as I was so tired. My friend came over the night before as she and her partner had been arguing. I ended up staying up until midnight- whoops!

We did a fun Montessori inspired activity which has been a hit (ha ha unintentional pun!) and has provided much entertainment- Bamming! I got the idea from Julie as he little boy loves it I figured The Boogie would too. We used a polystyrene block some packaging, golf tees and a rubber mallet. Eventually I think we will move on to soft wood, nails and a hammer but I had to think of the little fingers!

Like The Boogies self portrait? He told me what he was drawing with each feature which is a first for him. Normally he scribbles a bit and then demands that I draw something for him. I really hope that phase is over because it does my head in!

Meanwhile my little tomatoes are doing well- there are over 50 of them! We also planted some zucchini seeds and they shot up so we transferred them to small pots the other day while Ash and Little One slept inside. It was nice to have some one on one time with The Boogie- while also getting something done that I wanted to do!

Friday, September 12, 2008

He Is Here!

Little one arrived on the 8Th of September 2008 via emergency c-section after 31 hours of labour. He weighed 3.93 kilos and measured 52Cm's. He is a lovely little boy- very mellow. He rarely cries but frowns all the time.

I started having contractions every 15 minutes around midnight on Saturday. I let Ash sleep until six that morning and then let him know. At 7am we rang my parents and they came to pick The Boogie up and we went to hospital at 8:30. I was hooked up to a monitor and the contractions died off. I had an internal which happily revealed that i was 2Cm's dilated at least! They let us go home so we went to a fathers day BBQ at my sisters. When we got home I got some sleep between contractions.

We finally went back to hospital at 1:30am on Monday and I was have 3 to 5 minutely contractions but had only dilated to 4Cm's. At 3:15am I finally got some pain relief in the form of an epidural. Ahh Bliss. I slept. At 6am Monday the midwife informed me (Ash was asleep) that Little One was distressed and we would have to have a c-section. At 6:45 we woke Ash and told him to get a cup of coffee as we were going to theatre in 15 minutes! He was born at 7:19 Monday morning!

I was disappointed I was unable to give birth naturally and felt that Ash let me down quite a bit in labour. He was asleep for most of it and at one point even told me to stop groaning as it was "really f***ing annoying". He was really lucky he only got hit by a pillow.

We used disposable nappies in hospital but now we have returned home we have switched to cloth... so far so good but it is only day one.

The Boogie has taken it fairly well. He is fine able Little One having milkies and has given him kisses unprompted but isn't really interested at this stage. That's fine- he will get used to the changes.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Maybe Baby?

I think I might be going into labour tonight! I have had a bloody show and am having some pains eeee! Maybe a little fathers day present for the big man!
Today we had a fairly relaxed day as Ash began his three week holidays- yay! Boogie came in to our bed early and at 6:30 am said "I want cereal" to which i responded "Talk to your Dad" and rolled over and slept for another 2 hours! Bliss!
We polished off two loads of washing, had some lunch and then headed to the park. After playing at the park for some time we grabbed a few things at the shop. When we came home Ash cooked dinner and I did some more weeding out the front with Boogie. Oh the meal was heavenly, cooked to perfection. As a special treat Ash prepared some strawberries and we ate them covered with yogurt. Yum!
I went to work for a couple of hours and Ash made the bed and did the dishes. When I returned his parents were here. They stayed for a while and when they left Ash returned to the movie he'd been watching before they arrived so I jumped on the computer. I went out to the lounge about 2 hours ago and he was asleep in the arm chair, where he remains even now :)
Oh and my beautiful Boogie insists on picking me little flowers every time he come across one! Awe, this boy is too cute!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Three Grey Elephants Balancing

I'm still pregnant :-(
Today Boogie and I spent pretty much the entire day outside, aside from doing a jigsaw twice, playing with the magnet game and snap for a short time. What did we do outside on this lovely sunny day? I weeded the garden while Boogie collected the weeds in his wheelbarrow. We managed to fill our big green wheelie bin about a quarter full! Not bad for 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant I think!

Between wheeling loads to the bin Boogie balanced up and down the small brick fence out the front singing "Three grey elephants balancing step by step on a piece of string..." He did really well too! I had been meaning to set up a balancing beam for him for ages as a Montessori exercise but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Its amazing how they just find the activities all by themselves!

Quite a few of my tomatoes are starting to sprout yay! Today I planted 12 more tomato seeds and a pack of zucchini seeds- fingers crossed!

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Labor, My Day And A Giveaway

My Labor (playing along with Rocks In My Dryer)

How long were your labors?
No labor with Boogie- planned c-section as you can probably see in the photo above. Hopefully with Son number 2 we will experience labor!
How did you know you were in labor?
As above

Where did you deliver?
At a lovely little maternity hospital.

Oh yeah


Who delivered?
My ob

Today Boogie and I played with playdoh and tidied the house. In the afternoon we had to fill the car and the cheapest fuel was a bit of a drive so we took some library books back and hit the shops. We found another button up shirt for me and a Thomas the Tank book for Boogie at the op shop. Then we hit Big W and I spent far too much money. I bought a couple of things for Ash's birthday and Boogie bought a present for baby plus I got some new rechargeable batteries for the camera. Afterwards we picked Ash up from work and went to the ob. Still no change... he's bouncing around up far too high :(

I also entered an awesome blog giveaway tonight- such yummy bags- have a look!