Friday, September 12, 2008

He Is Here!

Little one arrived on the 8Th of September 2008 via emergency c-section after 31 hours of labour. He weighed 3.93 kilos and measured 52Cm's. He is a lovely little boy- very mellow. He rarely cries but frowns all the time.

I started having contractions every 15 minutes around midnight on Saturday. I let Ash sleep until six that morning and then let him know. At 7am we rang my parents and they came to pick The Boogie up and we went to hospital at 8:30. I was hooked up to a monitor and the contractions died off. I had an internal which happily revealed that i was 2Cm's dilated at least! They let us go home so we went to a fathers day BBQ at my sisters. When we got home I got some sleep between contractions.

We finally went back to hospital at 1:30am on Monday and I was have 3 to 5 minutely contractions but had only dilated to 4Cm's. At 3:15am I finally got some pain relief in the form of an epidural. Ahh Bliss. I slept. At 6am Monday the midwife informed me (Ash was asleep) that Little One was distressed and we would have to have a c-section. At 6:45 we woke Ash and told him to get a cup of coffee as we were going to theatre in 15 minutes! He was born at 7:19 Monday morning!

I was disappointed I was unable to give birth naturally and felt that Ash let me down quite a bit in labour. He was asleep for most of it and at one point even told me to stop groaning as it was "really f***ing annoying". He was really lucky he only got hit by a pillow.

We used disposable nappies in hospital but now we have returned home we have switched to cloth... so far so good but it is only day one.

The Boogie has taken it fairly well. He is fine able Little One having milkies and has given him kisses unprompted but isn't really interested at this stage. That's fine- he will get used to the changes.

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ChefDruck said...

How adorable! Congratulations. I love the Boogie's facial expression in the last shot.