Thursday, September 4, 2008

Three Grey Elephants Balancing

I'm still pregnant :-(
Today Boogie and I spent pretty much the entire day outside, aside from doing a jigsaw twice, playing with the magnet game and snap for a short time. What did we do outside on this lovely sunny day? I weeded the garden while Boogie collected the weeds in his wheelbarrow. We managed to fill our big green wheelie bin about a quarter full! Not bad for 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant I think!

Between wheeling loads to the bin Boogie balanced up and down the small brick fence out the front singing "Three grey elephants balancing step by step on a piece of string..." He did really well too! I had been meaning to set up a balancing beam for him for ages as a Montessori exercise but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Its amazing how they just find the activities all by themselves!

Quite a few of my tomatoes are starting to sprout yay! Today I planted 12 more tomato seeds and a pack of zucchini seeds- fingers crossed!

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