Saturday, September 6, 2008

Maybe Baby?

I think I might be going into labour tonight! I have had a bloody show and am having some pains eeee! Maybe a little fathers day present for the big man!
Today we had a fairly relaxed day as Ash began his three week holidays- yay! Boogie came in to our bed early and at 6:30 am said "I want cereal" to which i responded "Talk to your Dad" and rolled over and slept for another 2 hours! Bliss!
We polished off two loads of washing, had some lunch and then headed to the park. After playing at the park for some time we grabbed a few things at the shop. When we came home Ash cooked dinner and I did some more weeding out the front with Boogie. Oh the meal was heavenly, cooked to perfection. As a special treat Ash prepared some strawberries and we ate them covered with yogurt. Yum!
I went to work for a couple of hours and Ash made the bed and did the dishes. When I returned his parents were here. They stayed for a while and when they left Ash returned to the movie he'd been watching before they arrived so I jumped on the computer. I went out to the lounge about 2 hours ago and he was asleep in the arm chair, where he remains even now :)
Oh and my beautiful Boogie insists on picking me little flowers every time he come across one! Awe, this boy is too cute!

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