Monday, September 1, 2008

My Labor, My Day And A Giveaway

My Labor (playing along with Rocks In My Dryer)

How long were your labors?
No labor with Boogie- planned c-section as you can probably see in the photo above. Hopefully with Son number 2 we will experience labor!
How did you know you were in labor?
As above

Where did you deliver?
At a lovely little maternity hospital.

Oh yeah


Who delivered?
My ob

Today Boogie and I played with playdoh and tidied the house. In the afternoon we had to fill the car and the cheapest fuel was a bit of a drive so we took some library books back and hit the shops. We found another button up shirt for me and a Thomas the Tank book for Boogie at the op shop. Then we hit Big W and I spent far too much money. I bought a couple of things for Ash's birthday and Boogie bought a present for baby plus I got some new rechargeable batteries for the camera. Afterwards we picked Ash up from work and went to the ob. Still no change... he's bouncing around up far too high :(

I also entered an awesome blog giveaway tonight- such yummy bags- have a look!

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