Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting Into The Swing Of Things

I haven't written anything for a week! I guess I have a good excuse though :-)

Last night The Boogie came to my bed to kiss me good night as I was so tired. My friend came over the night before as she and her partner had been arguing. I ended up staying up until midnight- whoops!

We did a fun Montessori inspired activity which has been a hit (ha ha unintentional pun!) and has provided much entertainment- Bamming! I got the idea from Julie as he little boy loves it I figured The Boogie would too. We used a polystyrene block some packaging, golf tees and a rubber mallet. Eventually I think we will move on to soft wood, nails and a hammer but I had to think of the little fingers!

Like The Boogies self portrait? He told me what he was drawing with each feature which is a first for him. Normally he scribbles a bit and then demands that I draw something for him. I really hope that phase is over because it does my head in!

Meanwhile my little tomatoes are doing well- there are over 50 of them! We also planted some zucchini seeds and they shot up so we transferred them to small pots the other day while Ash and Little One slept inside. It was nice to have some one on one time with The Boogie- while also getting something done that I wanted to do!

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